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Gregson Knife business has been run by me, Pete Haseler, from 28th January 2007. I am a full time Veterinary Surgeon and part time oboe player. I have always been keen on having sharp cutting instruments and now use my knowledge I have gained to make and sharpen reed knives.

Gregson knives were first introduced to me by my oboe tutor and I now use them to make and adjust all my reeds and those of my family.

Assisting me is my wife Chris a bassoon player, my Son James, a clarinet player and my daughter, Catherine, a flute player.

The knives are made at home in our workshop, while the running of the business is undertaken at my Veterinary Surgery. This means there is always someone to leave a message with if I am not available.

My mission is to produce the finest quality reed knives available to the musician.

Our address is:


21 Station Road
B80 7HR